#48 Have You Noticed Greater Engagement on Instagram Over Facebook? Here’s Why by davidTrig

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 7.34.01 PMWelcome back. You belong here.

It’s no secret Facebook and Twitter engagement is way down for most businesses, non-profits, churches and personal brands. It’s changed the way I interact with followers and supporters of #GOZOtv drastically.

Why is that? It’s because each platform is different.

For example, on Facebook most people don’t read long posts, like this one : )

This problem really went viral when Facebook started to charge to have our own posts be seen! Crazy.

This is why apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat, have seen a recent surge, there’s simply less competition. You can read what my friend Michael Hyatt says on this over on his blog.

So what can you do to see your social media engagement grow? I recommend these 12 things:

1. Don’t give up on Facebook and Twitter just. I shoot for the 40/60 rule, 40% Facebook/Twitter, 60% other platforms.

2. Engage on Instagram, Snapchat and Vine. If you’re over 35 you’re probably not using these platforms very effectively. Go on those sites, see what’s trending and learn what works. And no, Snapchat is not just for sex-ting.

3. Don’t put the same content on all platforms. By sharing the same cute baby picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you’re ignoring why people go to each place. Here are some tips:

a. Facebook, people scroll through an immense amount of content so pictures and short text is best.
b. Twitter, people like to interact or be informed of events, try to engage people in conversation by using the SEARCH bar to find people in your line of work (ex-fitness, leadership, faith).
c. Snapchat, things dissappear so post pics with text on them and provide rewards for action
d. Instagram, people like to see pictures (and short videos), provide quotes and inspiration
e. Vine, it’s all about 6sec videos so post funny stuff.

For more on this topic, check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos, especially his #AskGaryV show

4. Build an email list. I can’t emphasize enough how email is not going away any time soon. I use MailChimp and even though my open rate is only about 30-40% that’s much higher than the typical Facebook or Twitter post engagement (1-3%).

5. Get on YouTube. YouTube is still an effective way to communicate. If you have great content and you’re good in front of a camera, do it. But be warned, YouTube is not for everyone, it takes a certain skill and personality to be successful.

6. Content, content, content. Garbage in, garbage out. Work on refining your writing, delivery, production, audio and titles.

7. Platform, platform, platform. Again, know what you’re posting on each platform and why. Dont’ post the same stuff everywhere, people will just ignore it.

8. Buy your own domain site and blog. Since buying http://www.davidtrig.com, I’ve seen my content increase, my email list increase and overall engagement increase.

One of the things Michael Hyatt says is “It’s better to own than to rent”. Any content you put on Facebook is on their terms, on their algorithms. By directing people to your own website, you’re in charge.

9. Blog/Write. People will never stop reading. Sure, it may seem as if no one buys books anymore, but that’s not true, people are reading as much as ever about 20% through eBooks, 80% traditional books (yeap!).

Also, the kind of person that is on social media typically loves to read. Start a blog, write 3-4x’s a week on a specific topic and watch it grow.

10. Start a Podcast. I love podcasts and my #TrigPodcastofJOY has seen great traction. Again, it takes a certain personality but podcasts are back.

11. GO LIVE – never forget the power of LIVE conferences, meet-ups, small groups, networking events. After all, if you’re in the people business, face-to-face interaction is still the #1 way to be known. Just be sure your online presence is the same as your real life presence and most of all, be honest in all you do.

12. Persevere. I’ve read many people and it’s just the facts, getting noticed online is not easy, it takes 1-3 years mostly because there’s so much content out there. I would say it’s taken me a year just to have people know or care about #GOZO or to understand what it is. GOZO means JOY btw, I talk about helping people find JOY amidst fear, anxiety and depression. Be patient, be consistent, persevere, and don’t quit your day job to post funny videos on Vine just yet.

EXTRA #13 Be Mobile. Remember 70% of consumers view your content on their mobile phones. Be sure your content reads well, looks good and is easy to get to on mobile.

Of course there are exceptions to all these rules, famous people are famous so they do well everywhere, but for the rest of us sitting around the 1000 to 2000 followers on our Facebook page or Twitter account, we have to do it the hard way.

Are you saying to yourself – who has the time? Think of it this way, you’re already spending time on social media, on your business, your non-profit, your brand, you’re just learning to be smart with your time.

Btw, would you join my GOZO email list? If you resonate with #GOZOtv and the idea of finding JOY in every day life, would you go my web page and add your name to my email list?

If you’re already on it (about 165 strong), I thank you. I hope you find my emails useful and non-spammy.

If you do, I will send you a FREE copy of my published article “High Anxiety” as seen on Leadership Journal.

You can feel free to sign-up here https://davidtrig.com/contact/

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Thank you for reading. I’m here for you cheering you on!
Your #GOZO! friend,

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