#45 Tamales and Jalapeños. What Tamales Taught Me About Hope by davidTrig

tamalesWelcome back. You belong here.

I love tamales, my favorite kind is probably “rajas” (cheese, masa and jalapeños). But today, tamales mean more to me than just Christmas comfort food.

Last night my friend called, he’s 23, deals with schizophrenia and loves music. He called twice, but the first time I didn’t feel like talking.

He called me to say, “tell me some of your food stories, I love them!”

I told him about my new favorite spot in Lynwood, I think they have the best tamales in the world. This place makes over 1000 tamales each day including chicken, pork, rajas (my favorite) and corn tamales among others.

He told me about José, an older man at the hospital where he attends sessions every week who brought him some tamales. Pork, chicken and others, he loved them all, in fact he told me “dude, where have these been my whole life?”

For the next 30-40 minutes, we talked about all kinds of things, how cold it’s been, how he loves to sing, what we got for Christmas and of course food. But what touched me the most was his comment about what Christmas really means to him.

He said, “I’m at the same stage you’re at, I didn’t get a lot of Christmas gifts but that doesn’t matter because Christmas is more than that. It’s things like lights, trees, friends and talking to you, because every time I call, you pick up the phone”.

Thanks for being here,

Your friend,


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