#34 How to Have a Great Christmas by davidTrig

Great-ChristmasWelcome back. You belong here.

We’re just a few weeks away from celebrating the wonder of Christmas, the beauty and joy of the season mixed in with the stress and expense of it all.

What can we do to have a great Christmas? Here are 5 Suggestions:

1. Run Through the Tape. It’s easy to slow down and slack during the holidays, calling in sick, leaving work early, waiting till the last minute to finish school projects.

Instead, give yourself the gift of discipline and run through the tape.

If you’re in school, study hard, at work, meet deadlines and finish projects, at home, do small projects that make you feel good.

2. Get Moving. Exercise is crucial to a happy December, without it, our minds turn to mush and our emotions get out of wack.

Join crossfit, get back into running, do yoga, golf, weight training, pilates, zumba, take time to do something you really love.

This will reduce stress and release all the right kind of hormones into your body. Your boss, family and friends will thank you for it.

3. Read. Even though December is a hectic month, I find that during the holidays, I have more free time on my hands. Why not read?

Get that free e-Book you’ve been meaning to download, order a few books off Amazon or even better, go to the library or bookstore and read for an hour each week.

It’ll make you feel smarter and take your mind off the daily grind.

4. Create. December can be a great time to funnel all those Christmas hopes and dreams into creative outlets.

I find that I write some of my best material during the holidays because my mind is already filled with awe and wonder.

Find simple ways to express your feelings, start a blog, write poetry, pick up a guitar.

Not a creative type? Although I believe we’re all creative, you might want to invite someone over for dinner or take time to call an old friend.

5. Sleep. There’s no better way to gain perspective during the holidays than to sleep and get some rest.

Although the temptation is to drink more coffee and stay up late, sleep helps our bodies recover and helps us make better financial and overall decisions.

Implementing these suggestions can help us avoid negative emotions and become the kind of people that can help others in need.

I hope you have a great Christmas and holiday season, I’m here for you, cheering you on.

Thanks for reading.

Much GOZO!


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