#31 November Can Be Tough On the Soul – How to Beat the Holiday Blues by davidTrig

20141020_November_ScholarshipsNovember can be tough on the soul. For some, it can be a time of over-analysis, over-stress and over self-reflection. 

Mix in there high expectations, financial pressures and the feeling that we’re supposed to be happy for everyone else and you can see why it’s easy to say “Will November please just go away?”

So, what can you do during the Holiday Blues of November?

1. Dance in the Winter. The Holiday Blues come for no reason at all, they just come. Like an unwanted guest or a cold winter night, the blues are something to accept not fight. I don’t mean give in, eat chocolate and watch Friends re-runs for a week, but to simply accept them for what they are, feelings, very strong feelings, but just feelings.

Instead learn to dance in the winter, go outside and play in the quiet snow, walk around in your slippers all day, stay home, come home early from work and take a nap.

2. Don’t Push Further Than You Need. Wouldn’t it be nice if bills stopped piling up and your pants magically fit? Instead of pushing to get into shape, start a new business or make your current one 400% more profitable in the next 4 weeks, learn not to push.

Learn from the dormant grass, the sleeping trees, the calm rivers and cooler ocean breeze and stop pushing. Rest, maintain, go with the flow. For must of us drivers, type A/B’s, creatives, stopping feels like giving in to the worst us, like failing, but don’t worry. You’ll soon be bouncing off the walls again, starting a brand new something else.

3. Feel Deeply. This may sound counterintuitive because you’re already over-feeling, but those are mostly negative emotions. Instead go after the positive vibes, those things that bring you deep laughter, that make you cry really hard, that bring you natural, good, positive joy.

Instead of filling your week with stress and worry, fill it with music you love, with a dress you can’t wait to wear, with a meal you love to prepare or a movie you can’t wait to see alone.

4. Ignore the Negative Talk.  Sometimes we are our worst enemies, keeping a mental list of all the things we’re not, all our mistakes, all the reasons why our lives aren’t what they should be. Ignore the negative voice inside, because it’s off balance and not true. Learn, change, grow but don’t dwell on the negative talk, remember you’re 100% the opposite of all those things, you’ve just lost your way a bit.

Think you’re overweight? Instead say “I’m getting myself off the couch more each day”. Think  you’re too old? Try saying “I’m learning not to trust my looks but my character”. Think you’re no good at business? Say instead, “I’m in the game, making things happen, making my dreams come true.”

I’m sorry you’re going through the Holiday Blues, they can really suck the air out of the holidays. But remember it’ll pass, you’ll be better soon, it’s never as bad as you think.

I’m here for you, loving you, praying for you. If I can be of any help as a spiritual advisor or anxiety coach, let me know. I understand and am walking alongside of you.

You can reach me at:
Twitter @davidtrigla or
Schedule a FREE phone appointment here. 

Have a great November and December.



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