#17 Learning to Love Yourself, God and Others #GOZOtv



In order to live a life of JOY and GOZO, we need to identify who we love. So let me ask you a question, who do you love? Most of us would say, we love ourselves, we love our mom, we love our children.

But sometimes, instead of living out of love, we find ourselves living out of anger or frustration. And we might even end up hurting the very people we want to love.

How do we avoid that trap? How do we live from a place of Love not Fear?

In this episode of #GOZOtv, I talk about three very important ways to live out of love not fear:
1. Love yourself
2. Love God
3. Love Others

So, who do you love? Please comment below.

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What is #GOZOtv?

#GOZOtv is a 3x/week M-W-F digital webTV program committed to “bringing people JOY inspite of fear, anxiety and depression”.

We cover themes related to mental health, health and nutrition, the invisible immigrant syndrome and soul care for faith leaders, creative types, entrepreneurs and world changers.

What does #GOZO mean?

#GOZO means JOY in Spanish and the idea comes from the verse “though there’s pain in the night, JOY (GOZO) comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5

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Most of all, be encouraged and filled with JOY
Have a great rest of the day and I will see you next time!


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