# Why I Deleted my Facebook Account #GOZOtv

Hello #GOZONation. In this episode I talk about:
1. Why I deleted my Facebook account
2. What I see as the future of social media
3. LIVE #GOZO Events I’m planning for the Fall

What is #GOZOtv?

#GOZOtv is a 5x/week M-F digital webTV program committed to “bringing people GOZO which means JOY, inspite of fear, anxiety and depression”.

What does #GOZO mean?

GOZO means JOY in Spanish and it comes from the verse that says “though there’s pain in the night, JOY-GOZO comes in the morning”

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Most of all, be encouraged and filled with JOY

Have a great rest of the day and I will see you next time.


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