#12 Join the 2nd LIVE Summit Wed. Sept 17th, 10am PT to Help You Find Joy in Every Day Life #GOZOtv

I’m so excited about this, you gotta tell 20 of your friends #GO!

This Wed. Sept. 17th, 10amPT LIVE Summit to answer your questions related to:

1. Fear, anxiety and depression
2. Relationships and Sexual Addiction
3. Health and Fitness for Youth and Teens
4. Developing a Nutrition Plan for the You and Your Family
5. Soul Care and Rest for Your Weary Soul

ALL-AskTrigWe will have a panel with experts in the field of counseling, health and fitness and fear, anxiety, depression and soul care.

How much? FREE! On Google Hangout


To access LIVE video link, please REGISTER NOW HERE (it’s FREE!)

What is #GOZOtv?

#GOZOtv is a 5x/week M-F digital webTV program committed to “bringing people GOZO which means JOY, inspite of fear, anxiety and depression”.

What does GOZO mean?

GOZO means JOY in Spanish

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Most of all, be encouraged and filled with JOY

Have a great rest of the day and I will see you next time.


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