#32 Monet Bagneris – Healthy Eating for Teens [VIDEO] #GO! #GOZOyouth!



Monet Bagneris is a model, artist, singer/songwriter and founder of Monet Cares, an organization focused on “Their Life, Your Hands – Promoting Healthy Lifesytles for our Youth” in the LA area. She has a BS in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies from the University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine.

Monet recently hosted the 2nd annual “Music, Theater and Health Institute” in Pasadena, CA providing healthy meals, mentorship, college panels and a platform to showcase the talents of youth.

In this episode, Monet talks about healthy eating for youth, the value of water, social media and self-confidence. She also talks openly about her own struggles growing up as a young African American woman in a mostly White school.

Have other tips? Feel free to share how you think parents and teens can make nutrition an emphasis as they go back to school.

Monet Bagneris’ Links
http://www.monetcares.org – Monet’s Music, Theatre and Health Institute
http://www.monetbagneris.com – Monet’s music

Monet’s Schedule
Boy’s Institute – October 2014
Live What  You Believe 5K Run/Walk – Fight Childhood Obesity – Sept. 13th, Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 16th – Monet Cares Charity Fundraiser – Fashion, food
December 2014 – Charity Concert and Toy Drive
Lights, Camera, Action Workshop, boys and girls – Every Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm 18 and under, acting, screenwriting, film production – Pasadena Teen Center

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