The Problem With Great Ideas by davidTrig

got-idea3Welcome back. You belong here.

Being an idea person can get you in trouble, mostly because you tend to do things without thinking. I’m an idea person, I have more ideas than there are cars in LA, but that doesn’t mean all ideas are meant to be.

I was recently reading about Silence and the story of a desert father asking his followers to let go of everything. One of his disciples replied “but how much more can we give up? We’re here in the desert!” The master then put his finger to his mouth and said “you must surrender everything.”

With the advent of social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instragram, we seem to be able to say more than ever. But is our speaking making a difference in the lives of others or put another way, is our speaking coming from a depth of wisdom?

Psalm 19 says that the Law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. At the end of the Psalm the writer says “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you O Lord”

I often find that the more I ideas I talk about the less pleasing I am to God. Not that He can’t be in those ideas, but most of the time my ideas are nothing but that, MINE. I believe that we need to find a different rhythm beyond ideation, vision and being futuristic, it’s the rhythm of walking with the Spirit.

Practical Example
This weekend we’re getting ready to host The Finding Grace Through Anxiety Conference, about fifty people will attend (I was expecting 10-15, I really was). The natural temptation of an idea person is to ask “what does this mean?” More conferences, bigger stages, better speakers, more famous musicians? In fact, I spent most of the day yesterday making myself anxious worrying about the future. Silly!

That doesn’t please God and it’s mostly ineffective because God has not spoken. I can truly say that God has said nothing beyond this weekend. He’s not saying to plan the next big conference, get a bigger band, do something else, he’s saying, be still, keep moving forward, trust me, listen.

If we are to be led by the Spirit, that assumes that God needs to speak and I need to listen. Once again, Psalm 19 helps us when it says “The Heavens declare the glory of God…Day after day they put forth speech”, in other words, God is talking, we need to listen.

And it works both ways.

Someone else may become so immobile because they lack ideas that they never move in faith. They remain stuck to their old ways of thinking in fear that change may ruin everything.

So are ideas bad? Of course not! I’m not arguing against creativity, ideation or planning. What I’m saying is to take time to submit those ideas to God and to be accountable to others for them. Don’t ideate alone.

In the end, what I desire most is not to be an idea person or an over achiever. My desire  is to live by faith, to not step out in front or stay too far behind the Spirit but to walk in step with the Spirit.

So how do we listen to the Spirit? Here are three practical ways:
1. Meditate. Take time each week to meditate on God’s word. Write it down, say it aloud, pray, think, take a break and be with God.
2. Nature. Look at the stars, a bird in a tree, the ocean, the mountains and think of God’s power and strength, his beauty and joy. Thank him for it
3. Advice. Listen to reason, if people are coming forward saying they’re with you, that may be a sign from God, the opposite can also be true

Let’s Talk it Over
1. Are you and idea person? What are ways you stop to listen to God?
2. Are you a same ol, same ol kind of person? When was the last time you stepped out in faith?

3. Are you out too far in front of God? How do you know?
4. Is it time to take the next best step of faith? What would that look like?

Please comment below and let’s discuss…

Thank you for being here.


2 thoughts on “The Problem With Great Ideas by davidTrig”

  1. David, Thank you for this information on having numerous ideas, I am a person with so many ideas. A dreamer, with thoughts of what I deem highly sucessful ideas. Your words on taking pause to allow the Lord to speak to one is most valuable to me. I will implement your ideas to give me the strength and wisdom to exercise restraint in prematurely voicing every idea that comes to mind.

  2. Hi Rachael, so awesome to listen to God. It seems it’s both/and, listen, move, listen, move, listen move versus go, go, go without listening to God. And voicing those ideas sometimes brings down our credibility versus give us the power we hope to have in Christ. GO!

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