For Lent I’m Giving Up Pan Dulce by davidTrig


Yes I could use losing 5-10lbs and eat less pan dulce, and I’m going to do that during the next 40 days of this Lent season, but what I hear God saying is: Go deeper. Oh boy…

So here’s my 2014 Lent List . For Lent I’m giving up…

1. Anger and Avoidance. For the past 2-3 years, God has been preparing me for amazing things, I have no doubt.  I know that because the last few years have been some of the hardest of my life (long commutes, working out of my skill set, losing my job, month long swine flu, etc). That’s how I know God is at work…

But the biggest theme God keeps bringing up is: Surrender Anger and Avoidance. For the past few years, God has  been dealing with me on issues of anxiety, isolation and pride and I’ve made great progress. Now He’s asking me to surrender anger and avoidance.

Of course this is a life long process, and it’s not something you can just give up in 40 days, but this is a place to start. It’s because I feel myself angry and avoiding conflict that I know God is bringing this up.

So here’s what I’m doing:

a. Acceptance and Commitment. When confronted with anger and avoidance, I will call it for what it is – anger and avoidance.

b. Don’t Over-react. When angry, I will try not to over react, but instead I will seek to hear what the other person is saying or what I may have done to provoke the other person.

c. Enter the Circle. When tempted to avoid or run away from conflict, I will remember that life and freedom is inside the Circle Fire, not outside. In other words, I will avoid isolating and running away from tough situations whenever possible and I will seek to resolve the situation without losing myself in the process.

d. Find Support. I will be accountable to two friends and my wife throughout the next 40 days

2. All Day Screen Time. As I’ve written before, I’m trying to find a rhythm while unemployed. Some days I have lots to do, other days I’m home all day. But something that’s still out of wack is my on screen-time, currently it’s all day, every day. So I’ve committed to my wife and children to be off-line before and after 9 to 5 from all social media, facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to follow a daily rhythm of working 9am to 5pm and being off line before and after.

My desire is that this will bring balance and health to my mind, body and soul and will help me focus on other important areas of my life such as going for a run, my schooling, dating my wife and going to the Aquarium with our children.

3. What about pan dulce? Well, I’m still committing to exercise and eating more healthy this Lent, but I think it’s the internal issues (#1 and #2) that are the true  obstacles to a healthier body. So, will I give up pan dulce for Lent? I like the BFL program method, they say to have a “Free Day!” I love my free-day! So I’ll eat pan dulce then but not the other six days. : )

For Conversation

This Lent 2014 I wonder…

1. What is God doing in your life beneath the chocolate and pan dulce?

2. What are the internal themes that God has been bringing up? 

3. Are there emotions God is asking you to surrender?

My prayer is that TOGETHER we will ask God to change us and give us the strength to surrender to His will in our lives. We need each other, I need YOU to make this work and I hope to be an encouragement to you in your own path towards LIFE.

Here’s what another person in doing for Lent.

Thank you for being here.


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