Part2- Never, Ever, Underestimate the Power of Listening to the Spirit’s Voice by davidTrig


Welcome back. You belong here.

This is part-2 of an excerpt from my book “Every Day Grace: From Anxious Freak to Fearless Lover”. Read part-1 here. by david Trig


So at 6:30am I made up my mind and I began to drive. Even though I had no guitar, didn’t know the songs, and wasn’t even sure the band leader wanted me there, the Spirit’s voice kept saying “Get in the car and drive.” So I did.

I got there around 7:15am to a bunch of people looking everywhere for a guitar. Nothing, no guitar. In my mind, I had already determined to just be there and sit out in the audience and worship. I felt completely surrendered, relaxed, willing to listen and do what God was telling me to do, “Get in the car and drive. I will provide.” 

Reminds you of Abraham and Isaac, right?

Then I saw it. Not quite stuck in the brush, it was more like a diamond on a large stage. It was black, beautiful, strong, a Yamaha grand piano. It was amazing. After all, John Elway goes to this church, so I expected only the best.

So I got behind the smooth ivory keys, opened the lid half-way (didn’t want to insult the powers that be with a full open lid) and started to quietly play through the first song as practice began.

The band leader looked behind me (he was leading from the keyboard) and gently said to me “just play chords, nothing too busy”. Got it. I’ve said the same thing to countless piano players through the years. The band leader knew me as a guitar player not a piano player, but in the last few years I’ve developed my piano skills, I knew it would be fine, so I proceeded to play.

Soon the band leader realized I could hang on the keys and we began to worship, and it sounded amazing. The band was catching fire, our body language changed, instead of tension and apprehension on all of our parts, comfort and happiness began to emerge. It was awesome.

We played the first, second and third worship hours and each time we felt more and more in the Spirit, as God led us, all of us surrendering to the Spirit’s voice and to each other as musicians and worshippers.

Then it happened. 

Part-3 here.

Thank you for being here,


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