My Latest Blog Post: It’s the Little Things We Tend to Miss – Don’t Miss Them


Welcome back. You belong here.

I’ve been trying to catch the little things lately. I hope you can too.

The other day I was listening to a podcast (probably a Ted Talk) and the guest said “what we tend to miss are the little things, the sound of our children coming home and dropping their backpacks on the floor, the voice of my wife when she says ‘dinner is ready’, the sound of the rain in the morning”.

I know, it makes me want to cry too.

So today, while I’m home looking for work, doing homework, trying to get in shape and walk the dog, I’m catching the little things. Here they are so far, catch them before they go away:

1. Our son’s room and his little man-cave underneath his bunk bed. He’s reading some good books

2. Last night, our girls were playing with the new studio lights we just got, they were laughing, recording, acting silly (picture)

3. This morning I went for a run with Daisy the dog, she got tired half way and kept looking back at me as if to say “Is that still you? And why are you doing this to me?” I stopped half way through our run and hugged her, kissed her big pit bull face and comforted her. Maybe she was comforting me too

4. Texted two friends who have been redemption stories in my life. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today

5. Asked a friend the meaning of the word “Hullo”, she always greets me with “Hullo David”. She told me it’s from the root word for Whole, as if to say “Wholeness to you”. Hello, holy, hullo, hola, love it

6. Read Zephaniah 3 where it says that God “sings over us”

7. Listened to Psalm 19 in the car with the children as we drove to school and talked about the clouds in the sky (our boy David (10) said, “we can’t hear the clouds but they speak to us”). Wow.

8. Took video of our home studio, music gear, new studio lights, guitars, mics, beautiful floors, green backyard

9. Lit candles as I get ready to study, and do my work. The house smells amazing while listening to All Sons and Daughters (“Reason to Sing”)/will there be a victory/will you sing it over me now/

Those are the little things I’m catching today. They move me and inspire me, they get rid of the cobwebs of money, work, desperation and loneliness. Psalm 19 says that the words of the LORD are greater than gold and honey.

I agree, the little things in life often speak of God’s love, of his grace and kindness, of his presence in our lives. Whatever you call God, his goodness is real and it’s often in the little things we tend to miss.

What little thing did you catch today? Let us know…

Much grace to you,


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