Sitting Next to the Corn Nut Man


I’ve been going to church again lately and it’s been weird.

The other day I sat next to a man who was eating Corn Nuts. I don’t like corn nuts, I don’t like the smell, the idea, the taste, nothing. As I sat there feeling uncomfortable and wishing the Corn Nut man would move to another pew, he instead offered me some corn nuts. I politely declined. But deep inside I felt humbled, like God was saying, if you can’t accept Corn Nuts from this guy, how can you accept love from me?

Corn Nuts = The love of God?

A leader and doer like me is more comfortable being in charge than sitting around, but it’s been the right thing for me lately.

It’s easy for me to hide behind doing, preaching, singing, leading, being in front of others. It’s much harder to just be my old self, without an audience, where no one knows me and when I’m just sitting in the back of the church next to the Corn Nut man. Man, that guy was really enjoying his corn nuts!

Today, I sat in the back of the church together with my family.

As the preacher preached, he said “God will lift up the humble but humble the proud.” For too long I’ve been too proud and full of myself. For too long I’ve isolated, become a church bully thinking I had it all together when I was the one broken and needy.

I am the Corn Nut man.

Ever felt needy but hated to admit it?

Over the last year or so, I’ve heard God tell me to go to the front of the church and kneel, pray, surrender, but I didn’t. I was too scared, perhaps too proud.

It seems like I’m entering a new season, but the beginning of this season is not what I expected. I expect bells and whistles, large crowds and large paychecks. Instead it’s sitting in the back of the church, being an average Joe, shaking a few hands, sitting next to the Corn Nuts man. That was my altar call, my come to Jesus moment.

When was the last time you sat next to the Corn Nuts man? What was your Corn Nut man moment? Please network below.

2 thoughts on “Sitting Next to the Corn Nut Man”

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