People Leaving Church

There are many people not interested in church or things of God and I care about them. I don’t know how else to say it, but that’s the truth. Some call them ex-Christians, many of them are my friends, family, colleagues, students, people I meet every day who live normal lives, amazing lives. They are people pursuing meaning, joy, happiness, love, creativity in their own way, they just do it without church or sometimes without God or a higher power.

Some are church going people, they just don’t want their lives to revolve around church.

Some are people with questions, doubts about pain and suffering and how a loving God can allow such things.

Some are people who want to live their lives without judgement and see the church as judgmental and Christians as judgmental people who say one thing but do another.

Some are people who find more honest love and service among the secular than the sacred.

Some are people of faith who want to live among their friends and neighbors but often feel the church doesn’t understand their mission because it’s non traditional.

Some are very happy people.

Some are very sad people.

Most of all, they are people.

I care about people like this.

Why does it matter that I care? I’m not sure it does, but I guess coming from a church culture where the emphasis is on going to church, it’s important to say that as a person of faith, if you’re not interested in God or church or don’t want your life to revolve around church, I care about you. After all, Jesus did.

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