My Life as an Artist

I could talk about a lot of things and I usually do, but today I won’t. Today, I want to talk about my life as an artist, as a musician.

I love music, it’s my life, it’s who I am.

My life as an artist is very typical. I deal with fear and anxiety, I wonder if I’m any good, but I also love music, it’s all I think about, it’s my passion.

I left music twice to try to become “something else”, but thankfully both times I had good friends help me get back on track.

Raising a family, responsibilities, other talents, church have all distracted me and nearly stolen my heart for music. I’ve often felt the church would not accept nor understand themes of doubt and dissapointment combined with hope and pursuit often found in my songs. I’ve felt too much of an unChristian for Christians and too much of a Christian for unChristians. But through it all, I now feel like a 10 year old boy starting to discover his true love.

When I grow up I want to be a musician.

I want to play my songs to anyone who will listen. I want to play to inspire others, perhaps as a small source of income, but most of all, I want to do it to be true to myself and this call upon my life.

My biggest obstacle has always been me. Me and my fear. But that’s changing.

Over the past few years, I’ve begun to trust myself, to show up as my friend Jerry says. I’ve developed my own studio called Beautiful City Productions, I’ve played house shows, recorded my first EP, making more connections with other musicians in the LA area. Like a child unsure of what others might say on the first day of school, I’ve faced my fears and I’m loving it.

My passion for music is at an all time high. I’m expecting great things!

More to come….

Did you enjoy this?

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