I Feel Scared Tonight But Also Wanting to Overcome My Fears


Tonight I am feeling scared about our economic future

What if Grace UMC doesn’t have a position for me, what if Rachelle doesn’t get a teaching job, what if I don’t get a teaching job? Where will we get insurance? Can I really do any of these start-ups?

Even though I feel scared, I’m trying to see this fear as an opportunity to defeat the lies. So I’m telling myself: This is a chance for me to grow, to overcome my fear, to be larger than my fears. “I am not my fears, I am larger than that”

I can…

1. Become the church planter I’ve always wanted to be

2. Become the entrepreneur I know I am and start My Beautiful City Productions

3. Do something different and get a “real job” at Apple, Teaching Spanish, Office Depot, Home Depot, work with Tom, etc 

4. Network with other people

5. Become the artist I am

6. Become a music producer

Which will I believe? Although my Fear wants to focus on the the what if’s, my spiritual center tells me “David, your name is no longer fear, it is now FEARLESS”


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