Where Do We Go Next?

Welcome back. You belong here,

Today, my wife and I had a long talk about where to go next. Do we move back to CA or stay in CO for another year. We’re just not sure. We process things from the usual perspectives (jobs, housing, etc) as well as the more intuitive values (joy, peace, passion, love).

We both love and miss CA. We would stay in CO for a time if the doors close in CA, but we’d rather move back.

The issue we were dealing with today is the loss I would feel leaving CO. Here I have many amazing opportunities, and I am willing to give them up for what God wants, to be one with my wife, to get moving, but it still hurts.

Denver, CO is tiny compared to LA, everything can happen here. I can start a Neighborhood Abbey, we have relationships we’ve built for the past three years. I can gig my CD around town and in Denver and do it pretty easily, I have connections and again, Denver is tiny.

I can get an MPA in 18 months and do it no problem, schools are small, close bye and affordable. We have a house we love, both of us can get jobs here as the education is not as bad as in CA (yet).

There are many things that would work here, but the most important thing is to be one with my wife and if my wife feels done here (and she does), so do I. I’m 50/50 based more on practical things than heart. My heart is in CA, I want to move back, but the circumstances may not allow that at this time. And yet, if God leads us to go, we will go and trust God will open doors.

Have a great day.




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