I Love My New Church

Welcome back. You belong here.

Just got back from a kid party and I loved it. What I loved was talking to the parents, people we’ve known for three years through school, people with very little pretense. True, we perhaps don’t know each other very deeply, but it’s much better than soccer team acquaintances at the Y. They are real.

They are nurses and teachers, executive directors, PhD’s and UPS workers. They are parents our age done trying to impress each other and now learning to keep our dreams alive as we see our children grow.

As our children danced and ate, laughed and talked, the adults also talked, catching up on life. Many of them asked me with concern and care how my job search is going. Very kind people.

But there’s pain all around. A friend told me he had a female friend over for drinks while his wife was away. He said “my wife is always gone, so I thought, why not!” I told him of my love for city development and my desire to be a spiritual guide to people. He seemed very uncomfortable but I’m glad to be in his life as a spiritual person, he needs a true friend.

When we got home, Rachelle said “that was our church tonight.” At first I said “the only thing missing was a sacred space”, but after thinking of the conversations we had, I realize there was sacred space all around. I love our new church.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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