Wild Swings

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Panic Attack Support

Well, the last two weeks I’ve experienced some wild mood swings from times of amazing joy and opportunity to some real lows.

It all hit me last night as I had one of my worst (if not the worst) panic attacks in a long time.

Btw, did you know that people who suffer panic attacks are usually people with high IQ’s (I knew I was smart!) : )

The loss of my job has been a huge stress and I’ve managed it by over doing, over thinking, over analyzing, analysis-paralysis. This creates a methodical and unassertive response which loops itself into more ‘what-ifs’ and analysis. What I need is action.

So over the weekend my wife and I continued, as I joke with her, my “salvation process”. In fact I would say we’ve made some final decisions. Our white board now says “Get Moving!” followed by a big green arrow.

We’ll talk more about these decisions in the days and weeks to come. But in some ways, even though last night’s panic attack was not fun, it was necessary.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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