A Worshipper and Child of God First and Foremost

Welcome back. You belong here.

I love worship and justice. But at the end of the day, Justice is the other side of my first love – Worship.

In my life, I’ve experienced some amazing times of worship. Here’s a quick list:

1. Worshipping in the car with my dad as adults to the song “Hermoso Eres” in the church parking lot
2. Leading “Te Exaltaré” in Nicaragua during a missions project. The unity of both churches, both cultures and the song itself filled with the Spirit’s presence was amazing. I could near hear God singing with us
3. Singing “Tu Fidelidad” at my father’s funeral while his brother, my tio Saul cried in the back of the church. I felt the Spirit of God flowing through me
4. Good Friday 2007, “Sing to Jesus” a production I directed called “Gethsemane”, sung with choir, orchestra, young adult band. I still remember sitting in the bell choir stage to the side and crying as the song was sung. I heard God saying “I am pleased with this David”
5. The 1st time I came to my current church. I felt like I could worship here.
6. The 1st time I went to my previous church. I felt I was a kid in a candy store
7. Songs like “Solution”, “God of this City” that speak of God’s love for the nations
8. A story my mom told me of “bainas” in worship. My mom told me that one Sunday (Palm Sunday?) my dad wanted the worship to be more joyous in our church, so he brought hundreds of been bainas, dry, shaky, beans sheaves. Can you hear them? They sound like maracas, like tamborines, loud. My mom said during worship, everyone worshipped God with these bainas. It must have sounded like Heaven on Earth. So my dad.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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