Reflections on This Day…

Welcome back. You belong here.

Perhaps part of the whole of being a father is being loved by a father(s).

I lost my father almost 10 years ago, it seems like yesterday. In reality, I feel I lost my father countless times prior to that, not because he wasn’t around, but due to the war in Nicaragua which caused me to grow up without him at age 12.

Since then, my actual father (mi padre, David Trigueros Sandoval as I called him) loved me every day of his life, through letters, phone calls, 2-3 visits in 15+ years. I spent 2-3 weeks with him a few months before he died. I flew from LAX to Miami to Managua on Dec. 31st (around midnight) on the day he died. He loved me until the very end.

I have also had other fathers along the way:
1. Ray Ramos – my pastor when I was in high school. He believed in me, gave me a chance to do Bible studies, lead music
2. Dad Baker – my father in law. During the low times in my life, loss of my dad, in marriage, in ministry, he showed me grace, took me to basketball games to help me distract, gave me words of kindness and perspective
3. Steve Harling – my current pastor here in Colorado. I’ve known him for about 5 years; he’s been to my house in Long Beach, CA and now working together, I see his character and example first hand.

So today, I called Steve, left him a voice mail and told him how I feel about him. I am grateful that although mi padre is gone, God continues to bring men around me to help me along.

Perhaps this is part of the whole of what it means to be a father, to love our children and those around me, but to also continue to receive and remain a son.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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