Catalyst West: Guy Kawasaki

Welcome back. You belong here.

Following updates from the Catalyst West Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Guy Kawasaki spoke yesterday on Leadership, Innovation and Partnerships, my kind of topic!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

The reason you have to hire someone from the outside is because there’s no one on your team that can do it
Hire outside meeting facilitator … help communicate, bond
if you truly want to be innovative, create MEANING
change the world
The Art of Innovation

here today to talk about innovation
Innovation is a skill that can be applied in any circumstance
wendy’s mantra should be “healthy fast food”
Nike’s mantra should be “authentic athletic performance”
FedEx’s mantra should be “peace of mind”
about the perspective of innovation. What is innovation?

It is not about doing it better … it is about doing it 10 times better!
most organizations define who they are by what they do
you need to jump a curve
create a curve
from 50,000 ft view to 5,000 ft view

Great innovation is DEEP: lots of power
Metal clip on the bottom of your sandal that opens beer bottles

Great Innovation is INTELLIGENT
Great Innovation is COMPLETE
great churches are complete – have good day care!
The Lexus is a “complete” experience
Great Innovation is ELEGANT
Great Innovation is EMOTIVE
you love them or you hate them

the concept of a church that appeals to everybody is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
if you try to appeal to everybody, you will end up with mediocrity
totally downing Toyota Scion Xb
Toyota, why did you hire the guy who got fired from Volvo to design the Xb?
don’t intentionally anger people
but if you create something great, you will create controversy
better to have people that love AND hate your stuff
than a group of people who are apathetic

what abotu the people that are rejecting your church?
Should I chase those that are rejecting your church?
if people don’t get it in the first 15 minutes, they won’t ever get
don’t chase ’em

as an innovator, you have to be in denial
ignore the bozos
once you ship, you have to listen again
learn to evolve your product

Graph: Unique on the vertical
Value on the horizontal
if you’re like everyone else, it’s always about price
if you’re truly unique, there’s little value … you’re just stupid … you own a market that doesn’t exist

what is it that you are unique that makes you special?
is your specialness valuable?
be unique and valuable
all the marketing boils down to unique and valuable

as a leader, you need to learn to pitch
pitch for sales
pitch for money

rules of powerpoint
optimal slides in a powerpoint is TEN
give slides in 20 minutes
most of the time, people need 45 minutes to get the laptop to work with the projector
optimal point font size is 30 points
rule of thumb: take the oldest person in the audience, divide their age by two and that’s your optimal font

he’s selling
he’s doing a twayer (twitter prayer)
Dear God: Thank you for this opportunity to serve. Let your innovation shine & make the world a better place for al people. Amen. #catwestc

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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