To Do

Welcome back. You belong here.

I’ve never felt so excited about the events I’m involved in both inside and outside the church. But some weeks, the to do list gets long, especially post-Easter. I’m feeling a bit stressed. Here’s the list:

To Do’s…
1. Finish taking pictures of parents who volunteer at EL Foster, and post them on PTO bulletin board by next Monday
2. Meet with Jenny Piper (immigration advocate and speaker) regarding Immigration Seminar at EL Foster, Sat. April 25th. Invite Spanish church that meets at Foothills
3. Make 20+ fundraising phone calls for Gold Strike Festival, 8000 people, June 2009
4. Get Worship Training Seminar event planned and organized for May 2009
5. Meet with Danielle from Old Town regarding New Art
6. Put video together for “Ideation Conference” by May 15, 2009
7. Help Heather set-up benefit concert for needy family, June 2009

Better get moving. The #1 problem is that post-Easter I have ZERO energy.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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