Focus of this Blog

Welcome back. You belong here.

I need to focus this blog around a certain topic, but I’m not sure which. So far, this blog has been a collection of themes without a particular focus.

So here are some possible themes for my blog:
– Honesty and Hope (hmmmm, I’ve never been able to be honest in a blog)
– Roots and the Future (thoughts on my childhood and how it shapes me today)
– A Politician in the Making (someday, I’d like to be in politics)
– Connections I See (stories of how I see things connecting, people, thoughts, organizations)
– Technology and Music (yawwwwnnnnn….)
– Communication (probably my favorite so far)
– Creating Open Systems for Maximum Impact (another favorite)

Well, there you have it. As you can see I’m lost. But I’ll keep thinking about this.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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