2008 Reflections

Welcome back. You belong here.

Top 20 End of 2008 reflections.

1. I’ve given my all to my new job
2. I’ve worked hard to learn a new culture and climate (cold, snow, -10 degree weather, firewood, etc. etc.)
2a. A personal joy has been to see Mark and Anne feel at home at church
3. I’m living a much more missional (serving others) life than ever before and am excited to see that grow in ’09. I’ve enjoyed serving at EL Foster Elementary school with my wife Rachelle
4. I have to get back in to shape in ’09 (I’ve basically taken 10 months off and I feel terrible)
5. I’ve played with some amazing musicians in ’08
6. I’ve not been to Red Rocks, Veil, Steamboat, Co. Springs
8. I long for spiritual formation and soul care with a few close friends
9. I’ve been to the mountains twice (not a big fan)
10. I’ve not been skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing
11. I’ve been to downtown Denver many times (nice town)
12. I know just about every store in downtown Arvada (Old Town)
14. My wife and I are doing amazing
15. Our children are working hard at adapting to a new school, house, friends, church
16. We went sledding yesterday, it was fun
17. Facebook and Twitter are ok. Not sure what the big fuzz is. It seems fake to me.
18. I wish I could blog the way I want to blog
19. I know myself better today than a year ago

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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