Themes and People That Inspire Me

Welcome back. You belong here.

1. Will Smith – I’m actually not a big fan of his acting, but his recent desire to be about more than money and ticket sales inspires me.

2. Obama – We were watching him and Michelle with Barbara Walters the other night. I admire his accomplishment, our first African American president, and standing against the tide.

3. Honesty. I admire honesty especially about the broken areas in our lives. The other day I hung out with a friend for coffee and we had a good honest talk. It was refreshing.
4. Comfortable with Pain. I don’t know many people that are comfortable with their pain. Most cover it up, give a solution or speak of it in past tense. Pain is a part of our every day lives, and the truly courageous people are those who talk about their pain and seek to live a life of hope and change.

5. Conversation and Collaboration. I work best in small groups with highly creative, collaborative, open-ended people that get things done. It’s a slow process, and many see it as a waste of time but goals get accomplished best in relationship. Here ideas are refined, we hear each other’s questions, and we encourage each other.

6. Grace. If not for grace, I’d be in a ditch somewhere. My life is marked by my need for grace and as a result, I try to be a person of grace to those around me.

7. Mystic/Visionary. I live inside my head, but see the future clearly. I don’t always know what to do with this information, but I’m at my best in a group where honesty is welcomed and where we can talk about how to change the world in community.

RANDOM THOUGHT: I have about 13 readers on this blog (I’m famous), and I hope to continue to share life with each of you along the way. If you have a blog, send me your link too.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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