Gotta Get Out

Welcome back. You belong here.

Sometimes like this week I get tired of church events, church planning, production, etc. I know that when I get to this point, I need to get out.

For me here it means going to the D-Note, to Old Town Arvada, to downtown Denver, to the Old Town Picking Parlor (guitar shop).

My dreams:
– Own a coffee shop/music/art venue in downtown Arvada (like the D-Note)
– Music (in the church, globally, record, produce)
– Mentor young artisan leaders through Spiritual Formation
– Volunteer with immigrant Latino parents at EL Foster Elementary School

How am I doing accomplishing these dreams:
– Thurs/Fridays R’ and I are going to Old Town Arvada to have coffee and get to know postmoderns and young adults
– Both R’ and I are volunteering at EL Foster (PTA President and Parent Liaison starting Aug. 12th)
– Leading worship
– Mentoring young worship leaders
– Have lunch with church leaders at Old Town and EL Foster area

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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