Three Months Later

Welcome back. You belong here.

We arrived here March 1st and it’s now June 1st (or so). Random thoughts three months into our time in Colorado:
1. This week I’ve had more moments where I’ve said “I might be here for a loooong time”
2. Music and creativity in the church takes patience, self-denial and lots of relationships
3. Some people have to go
4. Others you can’t imagine ever losing
5. I want to own and manage a club/coffee/music/arts venue in Old Town Arvada
6. There are a lot of beautiful parks here in CO, today we played at one 1 block from our house the size of El Dorado Park back in the LBC, we had a great time playing fútbol, racing, freezbe, the children were racing down a hill on their red-wagon
7. It’s really hot today (90F), first time we’ve been hot in CO, more to come I hear
8. R’ and I are having a great time supporting each other through all the changes
9. I have some amazing musicians I’m working with on Sundays
10. I’m playing drums in a punk/emo band on Friday nights in someone’s basement, starts at 9pm
11. We got a ticket the other day for not “mowing our lawn” sucks!
12. I like the sound of the trains
13. I actually want to go fishing, ATV’ing and horse back riding (crazy for this city boy!)
14. I hate country music (still)
15. I can’t wait to go to our first Rockies-Dodgers game and wear all our Dodgers gear (all five of us)

Some days we cry, some days we laugh, three months in, it’s getting better. The children miss their home, their friends, we keep making new memories here in CO one day at a time. Today at the park was another beginning.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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