Mountains or Beach? Neither

Welcome back. You belong here.

One thing about moving to CO from CA is that people have assumptions. First, people assume that we’re rich which we’re not (can you say low housing market?). Second is that we miss the beach. I don’t surf, so I don’t miss the beach that way, but what I do miss is the ocean breeze and seeing the ocean, running next to it.

And I don’t like the mountains either, I’m not into skiing, hiking, fishing, snow boarding. What I am is a CITY PERSON.

I like cities, their diversity, their people, cultures, I like what a city brings in its night life, clubs, sporting events, freeways and no I don’t miss the traffic or crime.

So when people ask me “do you miss the beach?”, or when people say “you’ll love it here, do you snowboard?” my answer is always the same, “I am a city person.” So my two favorite spots here in CO so far are: downtown Denver and downtown Arvada, CO.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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