Walking with God

Welcome back. You belong here.

I don’t remember many times when I could say
I’ve walked with God
Except during times of crisis, times of despair
When I was almost forced to do so

What do I mean, “walk with God?”
To ask versus talk, to listen

I hardly ask anyone for anything
My way to cope is to be in control
Control by learning, control by doing
Control myself, control others

And when things don’t go my way
Depression or anger are the two emotions
That tell me that something’s wrong

Do you know people that talk this way:
“I was talking to God the other day,” or
“God, tell me what to do in this situation.”

I know people like that
They walk with God
They talk and listen
They have what appears to be an “on going conversation”

I asked a mentor about this once
“How did you learn to walk with God?”…
“I haven’t always been this way”
“I learned this after trying everything else”
“Nothing else seemed to work”
“I realized I need to walk this way”

That’s my problem
Most times I feel I don’t need to walk this way
I got it under control
I’m supposed to do it myself

When you’re in control
And you want to do it your way
When pride and selfishness
Self-justification or hurt
Cause you to want to control everything around you
It doesn’t matter what God or others say
You’re doing all the talking

But when you learn to ask
To seek and listen
To walk with God
Things seem slower
You don’t have to have all the answers
You don’t seem to rush to get things done

You’re dependent on something greater
And you feel, how can I put it,
Like you’re leaning on someone else
Don’t get me wrong, it’s still you in that moment
But you feel like you’re walking with a friend

Once upon a time
There were two friends walking along
They were talking about the recent events
Of how their best friend had suffered
Of how they missed him
Suddenly a stranger approached them
And joined their conversation
He walked along side of them

And this friend spoke to them from his life
With perspective and wisdom
Of people from the past that brought wisdom and hope

“Did you notice how are hearts were warmed as we walked?”
That’s what it must feel like to walk with God

Last week during an hour or two
I think I walked with God
It felt great
I hope I can do it again

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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