What Kind of Cleaning is Spring Cleaning?

Welcome back. You belong here.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes…moving does that, boxes everywhere you look. So today, as I sorted through tons of stuff (too much stuff), something interesting happened.

Today I got rid of a ton of files, pictures, music, folders, books I’ve read. They all represent a time and a place in my life that is now over.

It’s amazing how much of my previous life has ended, I guess it’s all still in me as life never leaves, but there are things that are no longer in front, they’re now behind me.

So as I sort through stuff I find myself feeling better. I am looking forward to new books, making new memories, to living in a new present. It sort of feels like someone has died and I’m getting rid of all their stuff.

Spring cleaning? Well, it’s 20 degrees and snowing right now, my fingers are almost frozen. But something about this process makes me look forward to the future and I guess that’s what spring is all about. It’s The Spring of My Soul.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


One thought on “What Kind of Cleaning is Spring Cleaning?”

  1. Leaving California for Brandi and I was a strange experience. It was all we had ever known as a married couple and so many friends, deep friends and yet we felt compelled to leave to be closer to family for our kids. I don’t understand it. I see God’s grace in it and the things He needed to do to us, with us, through us as we have started a new life here in Misery, I mean, Missouri. We have now been here almost twice as long as our 4.5 year stay in California and yet we look back to California as our roots, as our family as we met and became close to so many people there. Not just acquaintances, but eternal friendships that go beyond this world. Yes, you are starting a new life and it is exciting and it is an adventure. And the best thing is that God is leading you and the same God that was there before in your other location is also present in your new location. we miss you guys.tom

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