New Things

Welcome back. You belong here.

Hot AND cold water to brush my teeth
Rolling down the window, honk the horn
Talk to the driver next to me
In the middle of a minor blizzard to ask for directions

Special squeegee for snow
Frozen driveway
It takes longer to get in and out

We’re tired by 7pm
Working hard to think about everything
We don’t want to take our coats and hats off
It takes too long to put them on!

How do we get to church?
64th doesn’t go through to Wadsworth
70 Saturday, 40 Sunday and snow

Yes but…

Fun to play in the snow for children
Bike ride in cul-de-sac on a sunny day
New house is amazing
Terry’s gift of grace

Gary and Cindy’s kindness
Canela said, very organized house!
Canela – I’m an artist, I like to read and I play the piano
Did my first CO snow angel
Snow is so quiet and beautiful
Mountains seem blue and white

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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