Why Do I Wait?

Welcome back. You belong here.

Why do I wait for a song to come after these sad moments?
Sometimes, the moment is but that, something you feel and it goes away
The stress of it all, it overwhelms me
I battle between the ok and the it’s not ok
When nothing gets done, every room is undone
Every corner seems endless, nothing feels settled

And that moment is nothing special
It’s just that, a moment of feeling like you can’t keep up with it all
And in fact you can’t
But then, you do

I just want to finish something
A room to be complete
A project to be done
I wish I had 10 hands and 2 heads
Maybe I do

It’ll get done
Not sure how
Not sure when or who
And tomorrow more gets on the list
More new things
I want the list to go away
I don’t want to see it ever again

To trust, to pray, to stress out
All are mixed into one

Wait, here it comes again

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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