Compulsive Cleaner

Welcome back. You belong here.

Here’s what I want for my birthday (April), rings and cleaning gear.

I like to clean, bit compulsive about it. For example, while my wife is cutting carrots, chopping up broccoli or shredding lettuce, again WHILE she’s doing this, I’m by her feet, picking up leftovers with my dustpan off the floor. Yeap, pretty compulsive! It’s my gift.

The ring is to celebrate our new marriage, our 12th year anniversary. I recently read that every great marriage has a combination of old and new marriages. Both R’ and I feel 2007 was the beginning of a new marriage for us, we’ve made many positive changes in how we do things. I bought her a beautiful modest diamond ring yesterday and this is the ring she will buy me, Titanium, wide (10mm) band, swirls and a small diamond.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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