Done With Dancing

Welcome Back. You belong here.

I’m waiting for the SuperLiga 2007 futbol final tonight at 8pm and the commercial for the next “dance show” comes up. I’m done with dance shows! Anyone else?

It wasn’t that great of a show to begin with, celebrities with no rhythm paired up with over the hill dance has-beens looking for a final big break. Enough already.

What else?

1. Little David (4) near cracked his head open tonight on the bathroom sink. In fact, he did, bled all over the place, but it stopped and he seems fine. We’re watching him closely, but so far so good. I held him while he bled, my legs shaking while I held a rag to his head. He had “cradle cap” where he bonked, which made the whole thing worst.

2. Can’t wait for the SuperLiga 2007 final tonight, 8pm and it’s on regular TV, we need cable bad!

3. I will probably not lift tonight, usually I lift at 7pm after I help put the children down. But with the game, and the trauma of David’s head injury I will lift tomorrow. I will do 15mns of abs in a few minutes during the game. Last week I lifted 3x and ran 3x, abs 5x, eating very well. I’m feeling better each week.

4. Today was just an overall emotionally draining day. Tough meetings, long conversations, some big decisions that I made today and now the follow through is coming and then the accident. I can’t wait for that game!

5. Reading, “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Nouwen, “Ruthless Trust” by Manning and “Ragammuffin Gospel” also by Manning.

6. Meditating on Psalm 40, “waited patiently for the Lord…”, Psalm 52, “return to me the joy of my salvation….” and Colossians, “the invisible God…”

7. Listening to, United “Came to My Rescue”, Crowder “For the Glory of It All”, Snow Patrol (Snow Patrol has some amazing haunting melodies, really feeling them these days).

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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