Going to Get Ice Cream with the Children

Welcome back. You belong here.

I don’t eat ice cream, but ice cream is a fun thing to eat especially if you’re a child.

Today, I came home from work and took the children to get some ice cream. They looked through the cones and sandwiches, the pop ups and Snickers bars. They had a great time opening and closing the big glass sliding doors, all part of the fun.

That moment in the store, watching them sort through the many choices, made me smile and feel happy inside. It reminds me of moments of joy we all need to experience. Those moments that sometimes escape us but we are all hungry for.

It could be holding your husband’s hand while watching a movie, it’s writing an email to your sister, it’s getting a phone call from a good friend. There are so many moments that are just pure joy but unfortunately we don’t get enough of.

We miss those opportunities far too often because we are too busy with every day life. We reach for the beer and the remote, or we get stuck in the grind of the daily night time routine.

To take time to get ice cream is a gift life gives us, and doing so replenishes our soul. It makes us value life, appreciate those we love, and to be thankful for the little joys of life.

After our trip to the store, I was going to take the children home. Instead we drove up to our favorite hill (Signal Hill) and drove down the hill as fast as we could until our stomachs hurt!

Sometimes, when we finally take the time to do that special something, it is okay to take a little longer and fully enjoy the moment. You may just have a good time and feel a tickle inside.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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