Rain Down All Around the World

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Thought of the Day – Rain Like a Slip and Slide

Rain is such a beautiful word, we have all experienced it, felt it. In Spanish, a strong rain is called an “aguacero.” I remember those hard rains when I was a little boy in Nicaragua. They made me feel a combination of fear (the loud thunder and thick drops) and of laughter (the cool mist, the loud noise on the tin roofs of our house, kids playing in the rain, riding down the dirt rock-filled alleys, like a poor man’s boogey board surfing contest. Great memories.

In the Book of Exodus, God told Moses “4 Then the LORD said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions.”

Rain down bread.

Funny image, but strong nonetheless. It speaks of “selfless provision.” Bread means food, rain means provision, given for us selflessly, after all, no one can control when it rains.

We all have received “selfless provision” haven’t we? A phone call from a friend on our birthday, a hug from a father figure during trying times, a song that warms our hearts, a sunny day, children playing on a slip and slide, a dark blue mountain at night.

Rain is all around us. But sometimes drought comes too. Do you need to ask God for rain today? Maybe the drought is near, or it’s here right now. Rain is all around you, rain is near. Perhaps you’re playing in the rain today, seeing rainbows as water hits the sun. Today, you are experiencing summer. Be thankful, let your smile tell the world you are having a great day.

Seek the rain from Heaven that only God can provide. He is bread, He is rain, He is laughter, He is peace. God, let it rain on us today, all around the world we’re singing “rain down.”

Have a great day. Into the future,


4 thoughts on “Rain Down All Around the World”

  1. David that was good stuff man. I love times of reflection that become more than memories, but rather God uses them to teach us His principles as well as comfort us. Thanks bro, I needed that this morning. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

  2. Hi both of you. I’ve been reading Manning’s “Ragamuffin Gospel” and it’s been very inspiring. Lots on grace, faith in God, being down when you have nothing left. Amazing.

  3. Faith means you want God and want to want nothing else.In faith there is movement and development.When Scripture, prayer, worship, ministry become routine, they are dead.Thanks for the Ragamuffin Gospel recommendation! Life changing stuff.

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