Consuming v. Investing

Welcome back.

I was reading how .05% of You Tube watchers actually upload videos, the rest just come and watch.


The problem with that is at two levels – economically and creatively.

First, only a select group is making money off of You Tube. With all the young techies out there, how can this be? And by uploading a video, you’re hardly making any money, but at least you’re creating not just consuming.

Second, is the issue of who’s actually creating? Not many. At least not many are uploading their videos. I want to watch, consume, listen, take in LESS and produce, create, give, speak MORE.

How does that happen? It means you have to lock yourself in a room, open your favorite book, novel, journal, pick up a guitar or piano or brush or video camera and create, create, make, make, make.

To create means to risk, to imagine, to have vision, to feel and live, to have passion, to not be afraid, to leave the bubble and comfort and then regain comfort and bubble and lose it all over again. It means to fail, to be true to yourself, to know thyself. To create means to think, to feel your heart beating, to stop, pause, reflect, let life hit you and respond to it.

We have too many consumers (paying $) and not enough entrepreneurs (getting the $). And beyond money, we are becoming a generation of spectators not creators.

I guess I’m a consumer most of the time, yet my passion and call is to create. I create sometimes, but most times I consume. I have to create more and I don’t mean create problems either! : )

Let’s create, let’s act, let’s lead, not just watch others do it on You Tube.

Into the future,


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