Talking It Out

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Video: Jay Bakker on grace, fundamental church and more.

So Easter is over, time to reflect and today I had a conversation with Jesus, more of a fight really, a quarrel, whatever you want to call it. Like Jacob wrestling with God (I guess, wrestling is more church-safe than argument), either way, that’s what I had.

I was singing Switchfoot’s song “In This Life”, which is a song to his wife (i think). I usually also sing it to my wife (and have), but today it was a talk with Jesus.

The topic was, “who are you?”, “what is your message to the world?”, “what is your church supposed to be about?” and “where have we gone wrong, because something is not right.”

Something is changing in me. Something big and it deals with the church, the man I want to become for my wife and children, God’s Kingdom, Christians and sinners.

I have been to seminary, I know the answer to those questions from the Bible and studies, but none of those sufficed today. I needed to ask Jesus directly.

“What is your kingdom about God? Is it about the Christians and keeping them worshiping, raising hands and growing? Is it about those not in your Kingdom yet? The poor, the hungry, the needy, the lost? Well, if it is about the “seek and save the lost” part, than why do your Christians complaint so much and argue with this?”

It seems most Christians I know want bubble gum-Chris Tomlin church with fluffy sermons or Biblical sermons (take your pick) that suit their needs.

The other day, an established Christian and I were talking about Easter versus Spring break. He said that those “seculars” call it Spring break, but that we know better, it’s “Easter Break.” Who the heck cares? Only Christians would care about such a thing.

The truth is that I used to be the same way, but I’ve changed. I also thought there was a divide between secular and sacred, Easter v. Spring. Most of that was well intended, I meant no harm, but really it spoke of pride of walls between myself and those without God in their lives.

So back to my argument with Jesus, errr, wrestling with God. I was asking Jesus to tell me what his church is about, how should I proceed from here. What did he tell me?

1. Read McLaren’s book again “A New Kind of Christian”
2. Read the Gospels (Jesus first told me this while listening to Jay Bakker’s conversion experience, see video above).
3. Read Paul’s epistles (Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, etc).

So that’s what I’m doing. Why? To get the heart of God once again. I know His Kingdom is about Acts 2:42 (community), Isaiah 6 (holiness), Matthew 5 (city on a hill), Great Commission (Matt. 28), Great Commandment (love one another, your neighbor as yourself).

But what does that look like for me? Maybe after this argument with God I will be left aching (as Jacob), hurting, sore, tired. But also as Jacob, I will hopefully be left with more of God.

Themes I am seeking to re-discover in my life:
1. Grace
2. Forgiveness
3. Basic message of Jesus
4. God’s unconditional love
5. Stop judging people

Have a great day.

Into the future,


One thought on “Talking It Out”

  1. I remember one screaming match I had with God; I fell down on the ground in a parking lot.

    I have changed too, God makes us new every day.

    Dave, just got back from an amazing trip to Trinidad. I blogged about it here: You are welcome there, I hope you leave me a comment.

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