My iPod is dying

Welcome back. You belong here.

So our little Isabela (5) dropped my iPod on the hard kitchen tile a few days ago and so now the iPod is near dead. I’m trying to restore it back to OG, load all 2000 songs back and hope for the best. Not looking good right now.

New iPod? My iPod is 5 years old after all, but…I had decided going into this Christmas that I couldn’t afford a new one.

That decision just got challenged 100%.

And with the $1000.00 I’m spending today on the clutch of our old truck…not looking good.





Clutch…Getting to work

iPod…hours of listening pleasure

Tough one.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


UPDATE: Clutch, DONE, $1000.00
iPod, DONE, it’s officially dead.

One thought on “My iPod is dying”


    You must wait until AFTER January 7th or so when the NEW STUFF Comes out… prices may drop.. and BETTER machines come out..

    ALSO: I have learend to make do with a SHUFFLE for my exercise needs… take 80$ and get one that is functional FOR NOW.. and IF (big if) you are ever to get back to a “real” iPod then do it… but for EXERCISE issues the Shuffle works for me (music only though, no “books” and stuff…

    There are “cheaper” option ipods… helping you think about it…

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