What is Good?

Welcome back. You belong here.

One of the temptations for me this time of year is to focus on the negative – what hasn’t been done, what I’m not doing well. I can focus on my office being a mess, my music being in too many piles, my body not being as defined as I wish, the children’s room being too messy, too much dirty laundry, not enough time with the children, missing too many deadlines, etc. etc. etc.

Instead, I should focus on all the great things in my life. How? What am I doing about it?

1. Realizing I’m in that mode and admitting that it stinks.
2. Asking my friends to keep me focused, to remind me of how great my life is, to feel free to tell me when I’m off
3. Apologize often
4. Take a deep breath
5. Pray, ask God to change my attitude
6. Read the Psalms, read 1 Peter 2 on being holy
7. Give to others, focus on others
8. Make a list of all the great things in my life

Two weeks ago, our girl Isabela (5) was in the hospital feeling very sick. Today, she was in the school play, smiling and having a great time. She’s still feeling some minor neck pain, and is on a second dose of ab’s, but is feeling much better. God has been faithful.

Tomorrow, we go help a needy family with school uniforms, a Christmas tree, new pants and shirts, a new dress for the mom and new toys for the children. Our whole family will spend time with them, making their Christmas special. We have so much. They’re on welfare, the dad is an alcoholic, the children have very little, they live in a poor part of town, immigrant family.

And as far as all the house, the deadlines, it’s not that bad. All those things are fine, things are getting done, and those that aren’t, they will get done eventually.

Having a stressed out day? Wish you had more money, less to do’s, more time for you? Give to others. Give, give generously. God will give you a new perspective on life.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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