In the E.R. tonight with our 5 year old

Welcome back. You belong here.

Please pray for Isabela (5), she’s at the ER right now with my wife (I’m home with our other two). Isabela has a fever, and now her neck hurts, pretty sore, so we worry about meningitis. Although she’s showing signs of improvement from her flu like symptoms, fever is going down, eating a little more, she can hardly move her neck, so we had to take her in.

They’ll do a spinal tap, first one for her and our family, so I’m feeling down but I know it’s the right thing. We can’t take any risks. We’re praying all is fine and they find nothing except a bad flu and swollen nodes, etc. That’s what I expect, but we have to be sure….

Bummer. Long night just got longer. Thank you for praying.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


UPDATE-1: We took Isabela into the ER and the doctors determined she didn’t need a spinal tap because they don’t think it’s meningitis. Relief!! But they did a CT scan just in case and they found a small absess, basically pus near her neck that is causing her all the pain, combined with fever from a bug, she is a mess. So she’s still at the hospital, they had to admit her and she’s on antibiotics.
Best case scenario – The antibiotics get rid of the absess and she goes home tomorrow.
Worse case scenario – They operate on her, going through the mouth to drain the absess.
We’re praying for God’s will, but we’re really praying for #1.
Please pray for her on this.

My wife is wasted, on the couch layed out, didn’t sleep at all last night. She hasn’t been home in 24 hours.
I slept two hours last night, sending out some emails, picking up, dropping off our other two.
We’re working together, asking all the right questions, and becoming one in this whole thing for our little girl.
Canela and David Dennis are in school today, David is now with his grampa, I’m about to go get Canela. Isabela is sleeping right now.

We had Isabela’s little friend Keyla and her mom drop off some crayons and coloring book and a Barbie note pad. I almost cried, I felt so touched. We’ve been to their house a few times just serving them with our love and they are here for us now. Amazing.

Our whole family has been near, I sure wish my mom was here (she lives in Nicaragua) and how I wish my grandmother still was around (she died 2 years ago this December).

God is with us, she will be okay, God is near, we are in His hands.

Isabela’s fever is better, the antibiotics seem to be working. Still in the hospital, they’re doing tests for various viruses. Her neck pain is also improving, she has more energy. The abscess on her neck doesn’t require surgery at this time, they’re treating it with the antibiotics. We’re wanting her headaches and neck pain to continue to improve. She’s making progress. Today was a better day for her.

Isabela is home. She came home Thursday night, after 4 days in the hospital. Amazing. It’s so good to have her home, sleeping in her own bed. She’s feeling better each day and today she’s back in school. I thank God for all He’s done to heal Isabela. Our 7 year old has strep throat, she’s home from school today, but you know what, God is faithful. Seeing Isabela recover has been a huge encouragement. Her neck is better, her fever is gone, she’s doing better each day, still on antibiotics for 10 days as part of her treatment for the abscess in her neck. We are praying it’s gone by now.
Thank you for praying for her. Rachelle and I are recovering this week.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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