Invest on Mobile Technology

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Watching a show last night where Vernon Irvin, executive Vp of VeriSign was being interview, they do internet verifying of signatures online, mobile devices for ringtones, text and the like. The vp was saying how most youth today use the technology but have no clue on the infrastructure required and on how to make money from working in this growing, exploding industry.

Vernon Irvin Bio:

Communications Services, Vernon Irvin is the highest ranking African American in the technology industry. He has more than 20 years of experience with companies in the communications sector and is widely recognized for his work with the mobile ringtone service, Jamster. Irvin also serves on the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council, which partners with various agencies and the communications industry on homeland security and emergency network issues.

How do I get started? I don’t just want to use myspace, blogger, firefox, cellphone and a laptop, how do I get into the game and profit by working on the infrastructure? He said this is a multi-billion industry. No kidding! There are 33 million myspace users.

He said he started with a CSE degree, heck, that’s what I have! Hmm…..this could subsidize a lot of Kingdom stuff in the city.


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2 thoughts on “Invest on Mobile Technology”

  1. trig, do it. i’m behind you all the way. we could talk about the opportunities. it’s why i like capitalism, the good side of capitalism: rapid rises on emerging technologies continue to be very possible — sheesh, look at facebook… it’s why i hang with, and keep changing my blog all the time, and otherwise sticking my nose everywhere i can… it’s a search for emerging tech, emerging methods, untapped and unseen markets… and of course for the benefit of all who are touched… so what ideas do you have? how can we do a test run? cuz look: for years i’ve been wondering how things would change once a junior higher is able to “text” one dollar to help starving people in Sudan, or whatever cause… someone like a major NGO sends out a text alert to the million text addresses (phone numbers) in the DB and a bunch of kids go huh, i like that, one dollar, boom, back to my test… lightning fast, but imagine… imagine… anyway, let’s of options out there, broham

  2. Rc, amazing, you’re in this mindset already, I need to learn how to do this, how to start. Hope all is well, the LB emergent thing went well this last time. Met two Latino Pente pastors that meet at the Market Place movie theatre. They met Roger, Lou, Eric and the gang. Good contacts.

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