Back Update

Welcome back. You belong here.

My back is still sore but better. Sore as in sore to weightlift and run. It’s pretty good for most other activities. I mostly feel it on my left buttock, like a pinched nerve.

It’s been 6 weeks since I injured my lower back doing heavy squats. The first week I rested, the second week I was impatient and lifted and ran, bad idea. I was down for 3 more weeks. Last week I lifted twice and ran twice and felt better. This week my plan is to lift three times and run twice. So far so good.

My routine is:
lift – 4x/week
run – 3x/week
abs, daily
eat 6 small meals a day
protein drinks

Today, I felt the best I’ve felt since the injury.

My eating is very good, sticking to the plan – 6 small meals a day, protein drinks, multi-vitamins, lots of water, no sweets, no high carbs, fried chicken or fats.

For example for dinner I had:
1 chicken breast, bbq’d, plain
1 c. rice
1 corn tortilla
no smores for me!

For my last meal I had a protein drink (50g), string cheese and apple, water.

The injury put me back 2 months. That’s how long it will take me to get to where I was, so go injuries, they are a part of the weightraining sport.

Today I did arms and legs/abs. I took the day off today to be home with the children’s first day back in school. My wife starts work tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


One thought on “Back Update”

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