Treat them With Respect

Welcome back. You belong here.

I want to become a great leader, always learning not just skill but character.

With Labor Day on our minds, here’s “what workers want in a job” with my comments. Maybe you can ask yourself the same thing:

A Public Agenda Foundation study, coauthored by Daniel Yankelovich, came up with these top ten qualities that today’s workers want in a job:

1. Work with people who treat me with respect
– I can think of at least two people I need to show more respect to
2. Interesting work
– I think what we do is pretty interesting, after all we use mics and spotlights
3. Recognition for good work
– I need to be better at this
4. Chance to develop skills
– We do this well, I often hear people say they’re learning from each other and fulfilling their dreams
5. Work for people who listen if you have ideas about how to do things better
– I am learning how to change our traditional church culture by finding places where new ideas can be explored
6. A chance to think for myself
– I need to be better at this
7. Seeing the end results of my work
– We do this well, both weekly and in our annual events
8. Working for efficient managers
– I am not very efficient, so I have efficient people around me who are
9. A job that is not too easy
– We do this well by moving ahead artistically and in challenging and emphasizing character not just skill
10. Feeling well-informed about what is going on
– We do this well, communication is good both up and down the ladder

Our organism is pretty sound, we’re focusing on character, community and creativity but we have room to improve.

Into the future,


2 thoughts on “Treat them With Respect”

  1. David, it was a delight to meet you in person today and worship a little with you and the folks at Bethany. I hope that we can meet again.

  2. Hi Glen, that was fun, meeting you and your wife also. Come back sometime and we’ll catch up somemore. Thanks for visiting, it was great meeting you,

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