Who’s to blame for the U.S. obesity epidemic?

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It would be easy and warranted to say that you and I are to blame for eating pizza, burritos, fast food and soda (and ice cream). But restaraunts, fast food, McDonald’s all make major $$ off of over eating Americans.

That will never change, so you and I have to change our eating habits. I did three years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

You can too. Ask me how.

Who’s to blame for the U.S. obesity epidemic?

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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  1. Tim Smith, SC says:

    all I can say is thank you.. I know I write that about every time you write about weight… but I am serious… your personal call to change has changed my life, my wifes life, my kids life, that is a huge impact alone… down to 160… training for a marathon… these things I never thought of two years ago… ok I thought of them but as some far off distant future… Thanks for your continued sharing in weight, weight loss, exercise, lifting, eating… it is good… next up… lets all talk MONEY… seriously… how we spend our money… that seems like a good controversial topic next after weight…

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