Wow, Long Time

Welcome back. You belong here.

Well, it’s been forever, over a month since I’ve been here.

I hurt my back lifting 2 weeks ago and I’m hurting (heavy squats, lost concentration for a second and tweak!) Pain, pain. Ice bag, chiropractor, advil, all day every day. It’s better, but uncomfortable and haven’t done much lifting in those 2 weeks. But I’m eating according to plan and I can’t WAIT to start lifting and running again, abs too.

I took some pictures of my progress until the injury, abs look good, chest, arms, legs. Need attention on shoulders and delts. Not bad, three years in. Will post some day, but not here, not now.

I haven’t read many blogs either, not sure what’s going on, just haven’t felt inspired to write here. I write a lot, just not here.

Lots of stuff going on, spoke last Sunday night, first time in over a year, felt good, just got a book on communication once again. I am still at Bethany, yes I am, worship and in the Fall will start leading worship in the young adult service at 6pm. My job there is to develop Jeff, John and the rest of the next-gen worship leaders.

This Sat. is our 11th anniverary, I took the week off to celebrate, give Rachelle two days away alone at her parents house while I’m home with the three little ones and then over the weekend, we’re at a hotel for 3 days, 2 nights alone. Can’t wait. Little ones will be with her parents. 11 years is truly amazing, I look at her and I love her in a deeper way than even a year ago, after her illness, my concussion, recent job decisions, our marriage is more real than ever.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


3 thoughts on “Wow, Long Time”

  1. sweet… glad to see God is moving in and through your life… sorry to hear about the pain… wives are great… I got a keeper too…

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