Daily Report

Welcome back. You belong here.

I’m losing readership according to my #’s, my guess that’s due to my infrequent posting. So it goes. I may post more often some day, but for now it is what it is.

Thanks for reading if you’re still here.

What am I doing these days:
1. Reading everything out there on “Liberation Theology” for my seminary paper due tomorrow (MA, Theology)
2. Re-entry from a great vacation in Bend, Oregon. I don’t want to go back to work…
3. Building and mobilizing two creative teams for our Fall teaching series. One is on the HEART (evening), the other on EMBODYING THE LIFE OF CHRIST (morning)
4. Building a stronger worship band, musically and spiritually, discipleship, mentorship of young people
5. Evaluate why our Center of Music and Arts Camp didn’t work this summer, we only had 6 sign ups, change in leadership may have been part of it
6. Desiring more time with our children
7. Needing a date with my wife, scheduled for next Monday night, catch a movie, talk, go out to dinner (We celebrate 11 years in August, I want to go to a marriage conference in La Jolla, CA and get away for the weekend in a nice hotel).
8. Tweaking my working out routine, goals are: cut 5% of body fat, increase 5% muscle, move to heavier weights and increase to 4 sets instead of 3
9. Eating is going well, cutting out a few grams of carbs and fats here and there, plenty of tuna, brocoli, salmon, chicken, rice and fruits, water all day long
10. Enjoying some new t-shirts (size M) and necklaces (accessories), new pants (size 33)
11. Crying, laughing, singing. Last night I was in tears while I lifted and sang “Take Off My Shoes” by Delirious from their “Mission Bell” album. Great song, I was in tears, hands in the air, cyring out to God in joy, determination, thankfulness for His mercy and grace inspite of my rotten attitude.

Cant’ wait for my mom to return from New Mexico (in 10 days).
Got a nasty note from someone in the church about loud guitars and drums. Oh well. I like loud guitars and drums. I’m over it, hope they are.

6pm – Dinner
7pm – Lift (arms/back/abs)
8pm – Finish Paper

Oh, and I’m daily trying to figure out what great thing I’m supposed to do and how to use the PhD in Life that I have for the sake of others.

I need to spend more time alone with God, His Word and in prayer, my soul longs for it. Last night and today, I’ve been identifying with Christ’s sufferings, realizing that even when work is hard, when I feel down, that the presence of Jesus is in it all (that’s what Philippians 3 says, read it).

It’s hot today! Arghhhh….

I gotta return a phone call from Jesse, director of the Long Beach Rescue Mission, who wants a Spanish band for his outreach in August. I think I’ll do it.

I need to talk to Mike Silva about going to Guatemala with him in November to do a crusade and outreach to the poor. I would help with music. I feel I need to go, raise my own support ($1500.00) even if my church doesn’t support Mike at this point.

There you have it.

Back to reading Gutierrez, James Cone, Sobrino and the rest of the Liberation theologians. Pretty good guys.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


5 thoughts on “Daily Report”

  1. dude… what is the deal (loud guitars and drums) that church has had guitars and drums (loud as well) for over a DECADE!! Man I always “thought” that once something was “in place” and become a “standard” or even “traditional” (becuase it has been there)… keep on going you are doing good….

  2. David: My fiance and I are interested in the emergent church. I found your blog through blogger. great to know you are out there on line and preaching! God bless, Susan

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