Fitness Update

Welcome back. You belong here.

I’ve been into fitness for about three years. Prior to that I would run once in a while, eat without control (feel bad but do nothing about it) and didn’t know what a dumbell really was. Last time I was into fitness was high school. I was about 40lbs overweight, high blood pressure, tired all the time, coffee was the way to get through. I wasn’t sleeping very well and eating without self-control. My body type does not do well with that. I got soft, soft and softer. I look at pictures of myself from back then I look pretty unhealthy.

Through that time, my wife was my motivator, working out every day with videos, weights, aerobics, abs, everything.

Then I got serious. It started with Body for Life back in Sept. 2003. Weight training, running, abs, 6 small meals a day combining quality protein for muscle building with tuna, power bars, salmon, vegetables, chicken and tons of water.

CONSISTENCY is very important as well as flexibility. I’ve had to adjust my workout routine based upon injury, seasons of the year, illness, rest. For example:

My exercise process has been:
Body for Life – 12 weeks/12 weeks/12 weeks
Arnold’s Body Building Plan A – 1 year
Dave Draper Fitness Program – 1 year (current)
Eating plan – Body for Life (almost 3 years)

Breaking down some more:

Here was my routine about 6 months ago:
Lift – 4x/week
Run – 4x/week
Abs – 6-7x/week
Eating – at 95% of plan

Then a lamp fell on my head.

Back in Dec. of 2005 I suffered a pretty severe head concussion. I was dizzy and suffered from headaches for almost 6 months. Then my wife was ill with a severe virus that affected her whole body, she missed work for 5 weeks with joint pain, rash, fever. She is better now.

During those months of illness I continued to work out but at a different pace.

Here was my routine during those 5-6 months of illness:
Lift – 2-3x/week
Run – 2-3x/week
Abs – 3-4x/week
Eating – at 80% of plan

Today, I feel much better from the concussion and my wife is about 90% back. Looking at my body, face, midsection, muscle tone, I have not grown in muscle density and have about 5-6lbs of extra illness/winter layer. But things are changing.

For the last 3-4 weeks I’ve returned to form and am eager to change things up to grow and improve.

Here’s my current workout routine:
Lift – 4x/week
Run – 4x/week
Abs – 5-6x/week
Eating – at 90% of plan

I’m getting back on track. Illness will change things, but the key is not to stop, EVER! I am committed to working out and eating healthy as long as I live or as long as I can.

Some of my goals for the summer and Fall 2006:
1. Switch from Dave Draper’s program to Arnold’s Intermediate Plan
2. Eating plan at 90-95%
3. Increase muscle tone by 10% and lower body fat by 10% (5-6lbs)
4. Run 4-5x a week. My body type needs aerobic, fat burning exercises
5. Take pictures and post (in garage). It’s been more than 12 months since I las took pictures of my progress, it’s time to do this again.

How to get started? I recommed Body for Life. It’s a 12 week program which combines eating and exercise…yes, there’s nothing new under the sun.

The key word is: MOTIVATION. What is your motivation to get started? That’s what you want to think about first. Second, write out your obstacles, third get a partner and get started.

I could give in to stress, tiredness, busyness and life. I could easily gain 40lbs. in 6 months and lose everything I’ve gained in the last 3 years. It’s possible, but it probably won’t happpen. What keeps me from doing that? MOTIVATION which basically comes down to wanting to do great things in life and needing a healthy body to do it and the love for my wife and children not wanting to leave them alone early because of illness, and the CHANGES I’ve experienced. That keeps me going every day.

You can do the same or more.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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