Graduation O’ Rama

Welcome back. You belong here.

In our worship band we have music educators and parents and people, which means this week is graduation o’rama week, and it’s great.

Graduation is a time of celebration, of shedding a few tears and years, (I did at Isabela’s (4) preschool graduation last week), and of feeling proud of those we love.

I remember graduating from CSULB, very boring ceremony, long, thousands of names read over and over again, but in the end it was about having my grandmother with me, my wife and those I loved right next to me to celebrate my special day. And finishing a Computer Engineering program was a HUGE sense of accomplishment. It was tough, I almost didn’t make, but God held me through it.

Then a few weeks ago, I was walking through the Talbot Seminary/BIOLA (where I attend) graduation lawn as they prepared for their event. The ancient school podium was out, the black backdrop, the white lawn chairs on the beautiful green grass, the portable stage with two side ramps for easy on and off access, the speakers, the huge school insignia in the background and I must say, I shed a tear thinking about finishing my Masters’ degree some day.

In most programs I would be done by now, an MBA (Master’s in Business) is about 30 units. I have completed 35 units of my Master in Theology out of 63, so I’m half way there and it’s tough with a full time job, a real marriage and three real small children and a ministry to run. But it’s my passion and area of expertise so I’m committed to finishing. It’s good for pastors to go to Seminary don’t you think? Even worship guys!

So I get graduations, they are great times of challenge, discipline, tradition, pride, a sense of progress and hope. I look forward to finishing my Masters at Talbot and graduating from that awesome seminary one day. I will do it.

Perhaps you have a dream for more education. As you sit in the sun, or wonder how many names the announcer can butcher, or wonder how much longer you have to wait, ask yourself, is there something here for me? Is there something I should start, finish, accomplish in education, a skill, a discipline? Is it getting in shape, is it being more committed to the Scriptures, is it doing more with your life? And if so, commit to doing something, the little things, finishing, starting, get going. Perhaps you can start school again in the Fall.. You’re not too old, too young, too smart, too done to do school.

Leaders are learners, keep growing, keep challenging yourself, that’s the best thing you can give to others, being a person who keeps growing, especially in their love for Jesus and people.

Have a great day and Happy Graduation!

Into the future,


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